RingResponse User Statistics Report

Track inbound and outbound call performance per agent by phone number. Track average call duration, answered calls and their close rate.

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The RingResponse User Statistics Report is designed to give sales managers a holistic view related to the volume of calls their teams are making and receiving using RingResponse. 

Use this report to understand how inbound calls route to your users, view user talk time and lead status updates following an action up to a lead. See the number of calls handled, and the total amount of time a user is not available to accept new calls. 

Finding the Report

This report is only available to those who use RingResponse. The report is found within the left-hand Reports option within ClickPoint.

Filter Options

This report comes with many of the same standard features as our other reports. Key points of interest include:

  • Direction: Filter on Inbound Calls or Outbound Calls

  • Show Disabled Accounts: Include statistics on users which are now disabled

  • Phone Numbers: Filter on all or specific phone numbers

  • Status Changes: Show lead Status updates

Report Column Explanation 

Below is a breakdown of available columns of data: 

  • Name: The ClickPoint RingResponse User based on the Account Level (either a Corporate or User Branch) specified in the report filter. 

  • Phone Number: Phone Numbers used over the date range selected. 

  • Inbound (Inbound Direction): The total number of Inbound Calls routed to a user. This includes those which may have been missed. 

  • Outbound (Outbound Direction): The total number of Outbound Calls made by a user. 

  • Missed (Inbound Direction): Total number of inbound calls missed through an inbound Call Flow, where Round Robin call distribution is used. A Missed Call is calculated by those which an inbound call is declined, presented to the user in which they failed to answer, or immediately went unavailable and available again.

  • Answered (Inbound Direction): The total number of calls answered by a user over the specified date range. 

  • Transfer: The total number of calls transferred which were answered by another user. 

  • Avg. Call Duration: The average call duration of a single call over the time frame selected. 

  • Total Talk Time: The total amount of time spent talking to customers over the date range selected. 

  • Not Available: The total amount of time over the date range selected that a user flagged themselves not available for inbound calls. 

  • Closed: The number of leads which a user selected an action signifying a sold or won deal following the end of the call. 

  • Close Rate:  This value is determined by the number of closed leads divided by the total number of Inbound/Outbound calls (depending on Call Direction). A user can have two different closed rates for inbound calls versus outbound calls.   

  • Actions: The total number of actions executed by a user. In general, the total number of calls answered or completed should be the same number as actions made. 

Inbound Call View

Outbound Call View

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