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Sales Team and User Performance Reports
Sales Team and User Performance Reports
RingResponse Call Recording ReportAll of your call recordings, grouped on a single page, filtered by user.
RingResponse User Call Status ReportMaintain coverage on your sales floor by tracking users who are on a call, flagged unavailable, logged out, or on a cool-down.
RingResponse Call StatisticsUse this report to view detailed statistics on incoming calls, outgoing calls and call transfers across your sales team.
RingResponse User Statistics ReportTrack inbound and outbound call performance per agent by phone number. Track average call duration, answered calls and their close rate.
RingResponse SMS StatisticsSee key insight into the effectiveness of your SMS templates including the number of successful sends, deliverability, and response rates.
Detailed Performance ReportThe Detailed Performance Report indicates both user performance and lead provider performance by user.
Daily Call Performance ReportComprehensive sales team production report providing the ability spot areas that need more staffing to respond to leads faster.
Disposition Leads ReportReport that highlights the number of lead status changes an agent makes over a selected date range.
Action Activity ReportBreakdown of salesperson disposition activity over the specified date range. This report includes a chart displaying user activity.
Hourly Performance Snapshot ReportHourly breakdown of response times for salespeople calling leads and the average lead response time.
Key Performance Indicator ReportHourly breakdown Including total number of leads received, leads called, contacted and the average agent overall lead response time.