Detailed Performance Report

The Detailed Performance Report indicates both user performance and lead provider performance by user.

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The Detailed User Performance Report is designed to give you detailed performance data on your sales team users by Channel, Lead Source, and Campaign.  This report also breaks out distribution strategies of either Push, Pull, or Other. 

Why is this report important to your sales success?
Understanding how your salespeople are performing in relation to the distribution strategy they are currently working in tells you if the distribution is effective.  You can make quick changes, moving salespeople to other strategies or spotting a salesperson who needs coaching.  For instance; a salesperson might do better with live call transfer leads vs. web leads.  

Here you can see Push, Pull, Other distribution segments - Click the down arrow and the section will expand to show all salespeople currently in the distribution. 

Each section expands to show your salespeople and either Marketing Channel, Lead Source, or Campaign.  If you select filters you can segment by any of these options to dig deeper and find out how your salespeople are performing.  

With filters you have complete control over the data displayed in this report.  You can also use a filter to show current status of leads or leads that have moved through a status.  
Why is this important?
In a 30 day sales cycle salespeople will work leads outside of the 30 day date filter. Example: Even though it is June 1 -30 on your date selection a salesperson could be working leads from several weeks or month earlier.  For this reason we give you the ability to toggle a filter to show leads given during the range of June 1-30 (leads assigned during this period) or to look at the total performance of your sales team regardless of when the leads originated. 


  1.  View the performance of leads given this month to your sales team 

  2.   View the performance of the salesperson this month with all leads, no matter when they originated

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