Hourly Performance Snapshot Report

Hourly breakdown of response times for salespeople calling leads and the average lead response time.

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Hourly breakdown of response times for agents calling leads.Including a total number of leads received, leads called, contacted and the average agent overall lead response time. 

Why is this important? 

This report is important because it tells you if there are gaps in staffing at certain times this report is only for pull distribution.  As an example if your contact rate is very high in the morning it means your team is catching up from the leads collected after hours from the previous night. You may want to staff up early in the morning to reduce this time. Frequently times are high in the morning and during lunch hour.These are times where you will want to stagger your team. 

Response time is calculated as the time from when the lead is first callable to the time when the lead is dispositioned as contacted.  The report aggregates values over the course of the hours during the time the leads are callable.  

Leads Contacted
- The number of leads contacted during the specified hour range
Agents Calling - The number of different agents or salespeople that made calls during the specified hour.
Leads Received - The number of leads received during the specified hour 

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