How to Configure "Pull" Lead Distribution

Pull or Shark tank allows users to "Pull" leads as they are available, improving speed to lead, and ensuring leads are called

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A customizable Lead distribution with the ability to set Criteria (rules) for Users to Pull Leads from a Pull Screen.

Pull Distribution will optimize the volume of Leads a User can contact efficiently, making it possible to add appointments, notes, and disposition the Lead to mark the accurate placement of the Lead in the Sales Workflow. With Pull Distribution, create multiple specific Criteria, allowing division of certain Leads to Users, thus optimizing contact on Leads. Work Leads from a Pull screen dedicated to Click Call Close; Click the Lead, Call the Lead and Close the Lead!

Pull Distribution Strategy

  • Navigate to More > Settings > Setup Lead Distribution

Setup Lead Distribution

  • Choose the Record Type you’re creating the distribution for.

  • Under Pull, select Add Strategy and enter a Distribution Name

  • Select Create.

Add Strategy

Note: When updating your Distribution Strategies, make sure to frequently select Save.

Distribution Settings

Within a distribution strategy, you can choose where to distribute leads from, matching criteria, your state calling hours as well as recipients. 

Pull Distribution Type

  • Pull from Specific Account: Pull Leads assigned to a Branch or Corporate Level

  • Pull from Parent: Dictates that a user pulls leads assigned to the branch they are a child to. This is specifically related to your user hierarchy within the Manage Users screen.  

  • Unworked Leads Queue: Ability to pull leads from Corporate, a Branch, or even a user if the lead has been unworked after a specified period of time. This time period is specified within the Max Allowed Assignment Time within individual statuses within your workflow. 


Lead Priorities dictate how leads are contacted based on the date added and the number of pull counts. 

  • By default (below), the priority is ordered by lowest pull count first by date added. This is basically first-in, first-out priority (FIFO). 

  • You can adjust the priority by using the drag handles. To learn in detail all the possible combinations for Priorities, please review our knowledge base article.

First In First Out Priority


There are 3 pieces of Criteria default on every newly added Pull DistributionStrategy. 

  • DoNotPhone Equals ‘False’: This protects your account from calling leads that have been marked as Do Not Phone. This helps protect your account from calling leads marked DNC.

  • MaxAge Less than '10' – This dictates the maximum number of days a lead has aged to be eligible for pull distribution. Example: As a User, I only want to talk to leads that have been added within 10 days.

  • System Status In 'New Lead, Waiting and Contacted': Three System Status are used for Pull as default (though can be changed). This allows you to pull all leads within a system status of New Lead, Waiting, and Contacted. Your system status is set on your Statuses within your Workflow. 

  • Optional Criteria: Operation Criteria can be added by selecting the + Add button


State Hours

You should specify the calling hours for each state. The timezone conversion is done automatically to each user's account timezone to make sure your sales team remains compliant with your organization's calling hours. Leads that fall outside of State Calling Hours are automatically filtered out or into your distribution.

  • Click Add to create State Calling Hours. Once complete click the Save icon. Use the Copy From button to allow copy from one distribution to another.

    • You can segment out and add as many calling hour rules as you want for each state or group of states. We recommend drafting out an Excel sheet of what you want the state hours to be.

  • Feel free to use this guide to set your state calling hours. Please note, you should discuss with your legal team to verify your sales teams are compliant regarding when you can call a lead in a particular state.

State Hours


  • Recipients are those users which are allowed to pull leads from your specified Pull Distribution strategy. Select Add to add recipients. 

  • Select the Pencil icon to the right of the user to set a Daily Max. Daily Max is used if you want to limit the number of leads a recipient can pull by Distribution Strategy. 

Add Recipients

  • If you have a recipient list you wish to use from another configured Pull Distribution strategy, use the Copy From located in the upper right-hand of your recipient list.

Recipient List

Queuing a Distribution Build

Note: It is advisable you only rebuild distributions one at a time to minimize impact to your sales team. 

  • Purge and Rebuild Queue – Selecting this option will clear the queue of Leads, rebuild the queue with Leads and restrict leads for Pull during this process. Once the Leads have been cleared and new Leads are added to the queue, you can Pull; however, the number of Leads available for Pull while rebuilding can be minimal, especially dependent on the number of Leads.

  • Rebuild Queue – Selecting this option will rebuild the queue and allow Leads for Pull during the Rebuild based on the previously saved criteria. For example, you can pull leads using existing criteria off the top while the queue rebuilds with the new criteria from the bottom of the stack.

Rebuild Queue Buttons

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