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How to Configure a "Pull from List" Distribution
How to Configure a "Pull from List" Distribution
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The Pull from List features allows you to determine a list of valid pull distribution sources for a given pull distribution strategy. Sources are defined as branches contained within the account's hierarchy. Leads must be assigned to a source, and the source must be configured as part of a pull distribution strategy. Pull from List can be configured to distribute leads based on Priority, Round Robin, or Penetration.

Accessing Pull From List

Access to Pull from List is determined by the user's ability to access the Distribution Strategies screen. Access to the Distribution Strategies screen is controlled via the User Role, Manage Lead Distribution.

From the Distribution Strategies screen, a user can open or create a new pull distribution. A user can then select Pull from List within the distribution strategy via the Pull Distribution Type dropdown.

After selecting Pull from List, a user can select the preferred list type from the List Order menu.

Source Selection Menu

Available Sources

The Source Selection menu will initiate after selecting Edit List.

The menu allows for the configuration of available pull sources from the account's hierarchy. Those sources marked as included will then distribute leads from the strategy with the selected List Order type. Additional configuration options will be available depending on which List Order type has been selected (Priority, Round Robin, and Penetration). Those options are detailed in the List Types section.

Edit List Menu

After selecting Edit List, the following popup will render.

All List Order Types will be configurable with the following options.

Include All
The Include All button will select all available sources and move them to the Included section of the menu.

Exclude All
The Exclude All button will remove all sources from the Included section and move them back to the Available section.

Search Options
A search option will render for both Available and Included sections. The search function is helpful when there are a large number of sources.

Filter Options
Filter options for both Available and Included sources allow you to narrow down each list based on the account's hierarchy. The available options include All, Branch, and Corporate.

Save Changes
The Save Changes button should be selected after all desired sources have been added to the Included section and you wish to apply your configuration.

Distribution Rebuilds

Each time a new source has been added and saved from the Edit List menu, a distribution rebuild will be required. Further information regarding distribution rebuilds and distribution configuration is contained within the following article.

List Types


The Priority list type will distribute leads based on the defined sources, where each source is given a numerical priority designation. Priority designation can be configured by dragging the included sources into their desired order or manually inputting the priority number. When configured, the strategy will distribute leads based on the configured priority. For example, in a list containing three sources, leads will be distributed from the first priority, then the second, and finally the third.

Configuring Priority

  • After selecting Priority from the List Order dropdown, select Edit List.

  • Select the Prioritize button.

  • Drag the included sources to their desired priority order, or manually input the desired numerical designation then select Apply Priorities.

  • Select Apply Priorities.

  • Select Save Changes.

Round Robin

The Round Robin list type will distribute leads sequentially based on the included sources. Once the sequence has been completed, the strategy will restart and again distribute leads based on the original sequence. Round Robin is ideal to ensure that each assigned source distributes an even number of leads.

Configuring Round Robin

  • After selecting Round Robin from the List Order dropdown, select Edit List.

  • From the Edit List popup, select Add for the desired source under the Available section.

  • The selected source will now be listed in the Included section.

  • Select Save Changes.


The Penetration list type works on a weight-based designation. Sources with a higher weight designation are preferred over those with a smaller designation. For example, in a list containing two sources, where one source has a weight designation of two and the other has a designation of one, the first source will distribute twice as many leads as the second source.

The Penetration list type is ideal when some sources have a higher volume of leads available, but you still want to ensure leads are distributed across all included sources. The weight designation will control the optimal penetration rate for each source.

Configuration for Penetration allows for two secondary settings. Firstly, the Penetration Calculate Type setting allows for calculation at a distribution or Lead Type level. The primary difference between both settings is that penetration will be calculated based on the available leads across the entire workflow (Lead Type option) or those leads that belong to the strategy (Distribution option).

Secondly, the Penetration Lookback Period allows for calculation over the past hour, 24 hours, or seven days. The lookback period setting enforces how far back a penetration rate should be maintained for the assigned sources.

Configuring Penetration

  • After selecting Penetration from the List Order dropdown, select the desired Penetration Calculation Type (Distribution or Lead Type)

  • Select the desired Penetration Lookback Period (Past hour, 24 hours, or Seven days)

  • After configuring the Penetration Calculation Type and the Penetration Lookback Period, select Edit List

  • From the Edit List popup, select Add from the Available sources section for those sources that should be included

  • After adding sources, they will be visible from the Included section of the Edit List popup. Apply the desired Weight for each of the included sources.

  • Select Save Changes

Please note that changes will go into effect approximately 30 minutes after a source has been added to a distribution strategy.

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