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Assigned Pull Distributions for Users

Managing pull distribution assignments at a user level.

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The Assigned Distributions settings are contained within the Edit Account page accessed from the Manage Users screen. The settings will display a user’s assigned distributions, pull sources, and queue selection settings. Access to these settings are controlled by the User Role, Manage User Distributions. If accessible, these settings are ideal for Managers who wish to view and modify a user’s distribution configuration.

Distribution Column

The Distribution column will display the user’s assigned distributions. Details contained within the column include the distribution’s Record Type as well as the distribution’s name.

Assigned Pull Sources Column

A Pull Source is designated as leads assigned to a branch or corporate level as defined in the Manage Users screen. This section lists the assigned Pull Sources for each distribution strategy. Any Pull Source disabled in this list will be ignored when the user attempts to pull a lead. Any distribution strategy not configured to Pull from List will display the source from where leads will be pulled.

Queue Selection Column

The Queue Selection options allow you to define which distributions are shown to the user from the Pull screen. Your selections will override the user’s ability to enable or disable assigned distributions.

  • Force Disable: The distribution is disabled for the user

  • Force Enable: The distribution is enabled for the user

  • User-Selection: The user can disable or enable the distribution

Please note, if an administrator disables the Allow Pull Queue Selection permission, all assigned distributions are enabled.

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