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RingResponse User Call Status Report

Maintain coverage on your sales floor by tracking users who are on a call, flagged unavailable, logged out, or on a cool-down.

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The User Call Status Report gives managers and administrators tools to see, in realtime, any user who logged off, flagged unavailable, or on a call. This report is perfect for keeping an eye on staff members to maintain coverage for handling your calls.

Navigating to the Report

Within the reports panel, select Reports, and you will find the User Call Status report under the RingResponse Reports heading.

Using the Report

This report segments into five major subgroups that update in near realtime as users are making calls, logging off, or going unavailable.

  • Available: These users are available to make an outbound call or receive an inbound one.

  • Not Available: These users have flagged themselves unavailable and can no longer receive inbound calls but could make outbound calls.

  • On-Call: These users are currently on a call with a customer or are in the process of connecting with a caller.

  • On Cooldown: A user who is on cooldown just completed an inbound call and are placed in a cooldown status before the next call. Configure your Cooldown settings within the Queue options within your call flows.

  • Logged Out: These users are currently logged out of the Lead Management System and are not able to conduct outbound calls or receive inbound ones.

Agent Summary

The Agent Summary gives managers a quick snapshot view of what a user has done within the last 24 hours. It provides vital insights related to the number of calls completed and how much of their time was spent Available and Unavailable.

Creating User Filters

If you are a sales manager, you can create team filters by merely selecting which users you want to view. Select Save As to create a custom filter; you can quickly refer to when you need it.

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