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RingResponse Navigation - Individual User SetupConfigure My Account so a salesperson or user can use RingResponse to more efficiently receive inbound calls and make outbound dials
Accessing the Live Call PanelAccess call transfers, pause your call recording, voicemail drops, and more with the Live Call panel.
Making an Outbound CallPull, Power Dial or Click to Dial a lead using local presence to increase your contact rate
Receiving an Inbound CallReceive an inbound call, use screen pops, to quickly work your leads and close more deals.
Placing an active call on holdUsing RingResponse, easily place your active calls on hold.
Accessing the Dial PadInput IVR selections or access direct extensions using the dial pad
Pause Call RecordingsWhile on a call, pause call recordings at any time
Using Voicemail DropsUse your recorded voicemails at the end of a call to efficiently move between leads.
Manage Your Voicemail Drop LibraryEfficiently move from lead to lead by creating or uploading recorded voicemails which can be used at the end of a call.
Transferring CallsQuickly transfer calls to other users or into other call flows
Using the Call History PanelQuickly access your call history to view outbound calls made, inbound calls received as well as those you have missed.
Sending Text SMS MessagesIncrease your opportunities to connect and close more deals by sending Text SMS Messages to your leads through ClickPoint with RingResponse
Monitoring, Coaching, and Barging CallsAs a manager, train your sales team by monitoring, provide call coaching and when the need arises, take over a call!
Troubleshooting Audio IssuesTroubleshooting Audio Issues