Monitoring, Coaching, and Barging Calls

As a manager, train your sales team by monitoring, provide call coaching and when the need arises, take over a call!

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As a manager, one of your important job functions is training and coaching your team while they are on sales calls. You can easily complete this task by monitoring, coaching, and barging on calls!

Enable the permission

  • Navigate to More > Settings > Roles and Permissions > Select the Role your account is associated with.

  • Under the RingResponse section towards the bottom of the screen:

    • Enable Monitor, Coach, Barge user permission.

    • Enable Display Monitor, Coach, and Barge Calls in Call History should you want this information to display to the user within the Call History stored on the lead.

Enter into Monitoring Mode

While in Monitoring Mode, you can listen in on an ongoing call between a member of your sales team and the lead. While in this mode, you will be muted to all parties on the call.

  • Once the user permission Monitor, Coach, Barge is enabled, navigate to Call Status within the left-hand toolbar.

  • Navigate to a call you would like to monitor, and select Monitor. From there, you will be connected to the ongoing call.

Alerting your Sales Team

If you so choose, you can alert your Sales Team that they are either being Monitored, Coached, or Barged on.

  • Once you are monitoring a call, navigate to Call Controls:

  • Within the Live Call panel, toggle Monitoring Alert.

  • When enabled, you will show as an Attendee within the User's Live Call panel, and their call will update to indicate they are either Monitored, Coached, or Barged (depending on your selection).

Provide Coaching

While you are monitoring a call, you may decide you want to provide some helpful pointers to your teammate. You can enter into Coaching Mode and speak directly to your sales teammate and the lead is unable to hear you.

  • To enter into Coach Mode from the Live Call panel after you select Controls, select Coach next to the Agent in the Attendees list.

Barge on a Call

While you are monitoring a call, there may be a time when it is required that you become an active participant to everyone on the call. In these instances, you can simply Barge on the call. While you are in this mode, you can speak directly to the lead and the agent.

  • Once you are monitoring a call, navigate to Call Controls, and select Barge.

  • While in Barge Mode, you can place your sales teammate on hold should you want to speak directly to the lead, or Remove the sales agent entirely and continue your conversation with the lead.

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