Installing Nextiva Call Monitor

Use Call Monitor with Nextiva VoIP phone solution provider

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The ClickPoint Call Monitor is a tray application, which is integrated with Nextiva phone solutions.

You must have a Nextiva account to use the ClickPoint Call Monitor, follow the link provided to contact Nextiva:

Configuring Nextiva for ClickPoint

You will need to obtain the NextOS Pro Plus Upgrade from Nextiva.

For Click-to-Dial and Power Dialer functionality to work correctly, you will need to turn on the Shared Call Appearance on your Nextiva account. To do this, log in to your account at then click Features. This setting is found in the Routing section. You will also need to click the “pencil” icon next to Shared Call Appearance and ensure that the setting “Alert Everywhere For Click-to-dial” is enabled below. These settings allow the triggering of the Nextiva slide out, so the call can be connected to Call Monitor.

How to Install Call Monitor

Note: Each individual user will need to enable the Nextiva integration in the ClickPoint solution, and install the ClickPoint Call Monitor to their computer.

In ClickPoint, navigate to More > My Account. On the My Account page, click Integrations, then scroll down to click the View button next to the Nextiva Integration. In the Reference box to the right, click Download the ClickPoint Call Monitor (Slow Ring).

Select Install, the Application will download.

Note: The new version, 2.X.X.XX, will automatically update on its’ own to any new release hereafter, this will occur when starting the application after the initial install.

Select Open to Install the Call Monitor.

Once the Call Monitor successfully installs, the Login page will display.

Once logged in – go to Call Monitor in the desktop tray, this is located on the bottom right menu bar on your desktop. Right Click on the Application.

Enable Auto Lead Popup, only if the Auto Screen Pop feature for inbound calls is desired.

Note: If Auto Lead Popup is enabled, this will prompt an option to Open the Lead in a new Browser tab. The Start With Windows feature is enabled by default.

Enabling Up Call Monitor in ClickPoint

Go to Settings > Manage Integrations >  Step 3: Setup Power Dialing and Click to Dial

Next find Call Services and Click Active to Enable this option, for Call Monitor you will Enable Nextiva.


Using the Call Monitor

Go to My Leads (the Lead Manager Screen, or LMS).
Select one singular Lead or multiple Leads.
Click the Call button located above the Leads on the main toolbar.

Note: If multiple Leads are selected while placing calls, this is considered Power Dialing. 


Inbound Screen Pop

If the inbound phone number is attached to an existing Lead within ClickPoint, a Screen Pop will display.

With Auto Lead Popup enabled, the slide out will display. Once the Call is answered, the Lead will open in a new browser tab.

With Auto Lead Popup disabled, the same slide out displays, however you must click Open Lead to open the Lead in a new browser tab.

Note: A menu for additional options will display, click the Option button and select Transfer Call, Send to Voicemail or Ignore Call, whichever is appropriate for the Call.

To Transfer a Call

Select Transfer Call on the slide out display.

Add the phone number you are transferring to and click Transfer Call again in the pop up window.

Missed Calls

When there are missed calls the Call Monitor will display those missed calls.

Place your Mouse Cursor over the Missed Call slide out and click View Calls.

How To Uninstall

Go to Programs and Features or Apps and Features inside the Windows Operation System.

Select Call Monitor and Uninstall.

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