Using Click-To-Dial and Power Dial

Using Click-to-Dial and Power Dialer from the Lead Manager Screen

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  • To execute a click-to-dial operation, first you will need to select a lead from the Lead Manager Screen, then navigate and select a Call button. Depending on the phone integration enabled for your account, the lead will open in a new browser tab and will dial automatically. 


Note - The first time you either use a click-to-dial or Power Dial, your browser may try and block the popup depending on your computer settings. Make sure you allow pop-ups for the application. 

Pop-up blocked in Google Chrome

Power Dialing

  • As a user, you can Power Dial multiple leads. You can select the first lead and hold down Shift + Left Mouse Button Click to select subsequent leads. 

Power Dialing

  • Once you select the Call button, the leads are then stored in a stack and you are taken to the Pull Page via a new browser tab. ClickPoint will dial out automatically depending on the enabled phone integration. 

Note -  The Power Dial will store your leads in respect to the sort order on the Lead Manager Screen. You can navigate to the Lead Manager Screen and add more leads as necessary. They will be added to the bottom of the Power Dial queue as it operates under FIFO (first in, first out). 

Power Dial/ Pull Page

Navigating the Power Dialing Features

Power Dialing Buttons

  • Power Dial - If you select this button, the application will advance you to the next lead without having to select an action. However, on action disposition, the application will advance you to the next lead. 

  • Clear Power Dial - Use this option to clear the Power Dial List. If you clear your list, ClickPoint will take you to the Pre-Pull Page. 

Note: The ClickPoint application will store where you left off on your Power Dial list even if you navigate away from the page. This makes it easier to work new leads as well as existing ones.

Use Power Dialing with Filters

  • To increase efficiency, consider using and saving Filters on the Lead Manager Screen to quickly access and dial leads.

Using Filters

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