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How to navigate the ClickPoint Mobile application. Get turn by turn direction, click-to-dial, set appointments, and update leads

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 How to Use Mobile iOS (iPhone & iPad) App            

ClickPoint Mobile can be downloaded to your Android or Apple device.
Google Play App Store: Link to Site
Apple App Store: Link to Site

Let’s get started on how to use the mobile version of ClickPoint

Once you have downloaded the app to your device you will enter your existing ClickPoint Username and Password and tap on login.  

Image 1.1 iPad Login

Image 1.2 iPhone Login

Immediately after logging into the Application you will see the Recent Leads view with an expandable menu option.

Image 1.3 iPad Expanded Menu



Image 1.4 iPhone Expanded Menu and iPhone Recent Leads    

Expanded Menu Options

  • Settings  

  • Home, Calendar, Appointments and My Information

  • My Leads and Additional Lead Tools 

  • Pull Screen and Pull Settings



List Field Options, allows you to define the lines displayed from My Leads. Selecting Save will store settings for the current session.  



Image 1.5 iPhone Field Options    

Field Display Group Order – Allows for lead field ordering customization by Record Type for defined field groups. Ordering is adjusted by dragging the lead fields to the desired position. Using the back arrow will redirect back to the previous page of Settings.  


Image 1.6 iPhone Group Order


Show/Hide Lead Fields – Displays the name(s) of the record types for leads. After selecting the Record Type and associated Field Group, you can toggle which fields to display when viewing the lead details. Using the back arrow will redirect back to the previous page of Settings.  


Image 1.7 iPhone Show/Hide Lead Fields


Home, Calendar, Appointments and My Information

Home – Tap on Home to be directed to the Recent Leads view.  

Calendar – Displays a month view of a calendar with the Day Selector option.  

  • Calendars – View of My Calendar and if other user’s calendars are viewable those will appear here as well.  

Image 1.8 iPad Calendar


Appointments – Available from the top right of the Calendar page and represented as a plus sign (+), tap the plus sign to add an appointment giving options for Subject, Description, Create For (a selected User), Start and End Date (select the required dates).  


Image 1.9 iPad Appointments


Lead Appointments – Appointments can also be created by selecting the lead record from My Leads and selecting the Calendar icon above the lead details.  



Image 1.10 iPad Lead Appointment Calendar Icon  


Image 1.11 iPad Lead Appointment


My Information – Displays all the information for your account. You can edit/add information and Save by tapping Save to the left on the modal and then tapping Close to exit the modal.  


Image 1.12 iPhone My Info


 My Leads  

Record Types, Workflow and Workflow Statuses can be defined to better isolate lead records.  

  • Selecting My Leads will prompt for a Record Type, Workflow bucket and Status selection. All leads can also be selected for a less granular view.  

  • After defining the My Leads view, select the Menu bar to the left a lead for quick menu options, alternatively selecting the lead will open the lead details page.      

Image 1.13 iPad My Leads


Image 1.14 iPad Quick Menu and Lead Details


Image 1.15 iPhone My Leads


Additional Lead Tools  

History – Tap on the History icon to track all events directly associated for a given lead.  

Image 1.16 iPad Lead History

Map – Tap the Map icon to be provided with a lead location with an additional option for turn by turn directions by selecting Open in Maps.  


Image 1.17 iPad Map and Directions


Notes – Tap the Notes icon to view current notes with the ability to enter an additional note from the top menu bar.  


Image 1.18 iPad Notes


Email – Tap the Email icon above the lead details to initiate an email send to the lead.  


Image 1.19 iPad Compose and Send Email


Image 1.20 iPad Sent Email Notification


Execute Action – Selecting the icon immediately to the right of the Save button will display the available Workflow categories and the subsequent Actions associated with the selected category.  


Image 1.21 iPhone Execute Action

A quick menu option is displayed to the left of a lead record; tap here and the following options are available for that lead. This allows actions to be taken without opening the actual lead, unless you select Open Lead which may be needed to view lead details. Depending on the mobile device being used for accessing ClickPoint, the options will vary. For example; iPhone will have the option for Call whereas the iPad will not display this option.  

  • Open Lead   

  • Call   

  • Get Directions  

  • Send Email  

  • Add Note  

  • Schedule Appointment  

  • Cancel  

Image 1.22 iPhone Options


Pull Screen and Pull Settings  

Pull functionality provides a quick and easy solution for working material.

  • After selecting the Pull button, the option for making a Pull Queue selection allows a Record Type selection.
    Note: The option is not available for accounts with only one pull distribution strategy.  

  • Upon making a selecting and saving a queue selection, the first pull attempt can be initiated.


Image 1.23 iPhone Pull Queue Selection

Image 1.24 iPhone Pre-Pull Page


  • The first Pull attempt can be initiated by selecting Pull Lead.  

  • The Pull page allows for a call to be initiated followed by the appropriate disposition by selecting Execute Action.  

  • Additional options include Notes and History from above the lead details.  

  • After executing an action, a new lead can be retrieved by selecting the green Pull button at the bottom right of the screen.  The Next Pull button is disabled until an action has been completed on the current lead.  

  • The Pull session can be terminated by selecting the Close button following the completion of an action.  



Image 1.25 iPhone Call and Execute Action


Image 1.26 iPhone Action Executed – New Pull Request Available

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