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Navigate The Lead Manager Screen

How to manage and navigate the lead manager screen, accessing all of your leads and prospects from one screen.

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The Lead Manager Screen (also sometimes called LMS) is the primary view for all users. From this page you can quickly make and receive call through RingResponse, filter leads, set appointments, enter notes and select actions.

Accessing the Lead Manager Screen

  • Select My Leads – all Record Types will be view-able. From the Menu, select the desired Workflow. 

My Leads

Main Tool Bar Options

Lead Manager Screen Main Icon Options

  • New Lead – select the New Lead icon to add a new Lead.

  • Update – once a Lead is selected or check marked, the Update icon will appear in blue; click Update, a drop-down menu will be available to Add Notes, Add Appointment, Return, or Edit Pipeline.

  • Actions – once a Lead is selected or check marked, the Actions icon will appear in blue; click Actions, a drop-down menu will be available to select the required Action.

  • Export - Allows exporting of leads.

  • Import - Quick access to import leads. 

  • Transfer - Quick access to transfer leads from one user to another. 

  • Email - Quickly email a single lead or group of leads. 

  • Call - Quickly call your leads using a phone solution like RingResponse. 

  • Filter - Filter your leads to view only what is most important. 

  • Nurture - Nurture leads to do things like sending automatic email templates. 

Searching for Leads

Search line

  • Search for leads by things like Phone Number, Last Name, or Email Address. Leads that match your search criteria are displayed ordered by Last Updated, or Date Created (whichever is sooner). 

  • Date Range Filter – choose dates from the calendar to filter leads by date range. This is helpful when trying to locate a lead that wasn't added recently.

Adjust Date Range

Open a Lead and Work a Lead

  • Use the Action Center or Communication center to also quickly contact and disposition your leads. 

Action and Communication Center

Note: Use Pin Left/ Pin Right features to pin the Action and Communication center to easily accessible locations!

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