The Right Click Context menu is a user productivity feature that will help users quickly update, analyze, and work their leads.  The menu gives users access to critical commands that are currently available in the header of the LMS (Lead Manager Screen) or on the left side panel of the LMS.  

Right-Click Menu from Lead Manager Screen

  • From a Right Mouse Button Click on a lead within the Lead Manager Screen, you can open a lead in a new tab to work the lead independently. 

  • You can disposition a lead using the Action system, add a new lead, import or export leads.

  • You can transfer one or multiple leads, add lead notes, view lead notes, add an appointment, call a lead, email a lead, or add a lead to email nurture.  

  • With all of these available commands with a simple Right-Click from your mouse, it makes daily activity for a user more efficient.  

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