Edit the Column Layout of Your Lead Manager Screen

You can edit the column order, width, and use pin left or pin right to design your own unique lead manager screen

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Changing the order and/or view of the Columns on the My Leads page, commonly referenced as the Lead Manager Screen (LMS), is a great way to organize the lead information displayed to Users. This is an easy step by step process and will help with the management of leads as to provide the most pertinent information needed while contacting a lead for a User, or if you are an Administrator, a good way to view data gathered on those leads.

  • Select More > Settings > Create Lead Fields

Lead Fields settings.

  • On the Record Type you wish to change the column order of, click the Columns button. 

Edit lead type columns

Let’s start with Step 1 – Column Order

  • You can drag and drop the order of your fields which changes the order they appear on the Lead Manager Screen. The order displays top to bottom and equals left to right on the Lead Manager Screen. Mark any fields as Hidden that you don't want to display to your users. 

Note: Newly added Lead Fields will add at the bottom of the list of already existing Lead Fields. Also, don't add every possible lead field or system field. If you do, it could cause your Lead Manager Screen to load slowly. Only add those which are pertinent to your team. 

  • You can also Pin columns to the left or right of your screen. Pinned fields always stay visible regardless of where you scroll on the Lead Manager Screen. 

Pin fields to the left or right

Scrolling on the Lead Manager Screen

Step 2 – Column Widths

  • Place your cursor over a Lead Field – you’ll see an arrow {image of arrow icon} – Move the arrow to the right to widen the Lead Field and left to narrow the Lead Field, i.e. Email, you may want the User to have full visibility of the entire phone number, this allows you to widen the field for better viewing of lead information on the Lead Manager Screen.

Resizing columns.

Step 3 – Accounts

  • The goal here is to allow select Branches or locations to customize their own Column Order for their LMS, or to inherit what is built for the Corporate account.

  • If you want to edit a particular Branch, Click Edit on the desired Branch.

Edit branch columns.

  • Notice under Column Order there is a helpful note: This level will inherit from its parent’s settings. If you would like for it to have a custom column setup, please click here.

  • Make sure to select Here to override from the Corporate view to create a new column layout. 

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