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Updating Your Leads Overview

How to update lead notes, appointments, edit, return, or call a lead

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Updating a lead quickly is very important when contacting leads, this provides efficiency and helps work leads in a rapid manner.

Go to My Leads screen

  • Update a Lead – Quickly update a lead by highlighting the lead, either by marking the check mark box or clicking in the lead line.

  • To perform a bulk edit, hold down the "Shift" key while making your selections.

Update button is available when a lead is selected.

  • Select the Update icon located on the column header above the leads, or by clicking the small pencil icon located to the far left of the lead information.

Quick update a lead from the main table

Quick Edit modal

  • Once a lead is opened and being viewed you can also edit fields in the lead detail information, some may not be editable, and this will be customer specific.

Lead Details screen

Update Options

There are several functions to Update. The purpose of these Updates are to quickly update a lead without opening the lead.

  • Quick Edit – if a field is enabled to ‘Quick Edit’ you can edit a lead, this is managed in Setup – Create Lead Fields

  • Call – click to dial for calling a lead

  • Add Notes – add new notes to lead

  • View Notes – view all notes associated with the lead

  • Add Appointment – add an appointment for the lead to your calendar

  • Return – removes the lead from ClickPoint, only use if instructed to do so

  • Edit Pipeline – update pipeline information for a lead

  • Close – manually closes a lead

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