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Create and import contacts that can then be associated with leads. Great way to use non active contacts that may convert to leads.

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Select Contacts from the menu on the front interface of ClickPoint ( 1 ).

Contacts Section

This utility holds all your Contacts. View-able in a List or Card View.

  • Export Contacts – Click Export Contacts, this creates an Excel file of all listed Contacts in your Contact list.

  • Add Contact – Click Add Contact  ( 3 ), this brings up a new Contact information box. Enter the information needed for each Contact and select Add Contact to save.

  • In this utility you also have the option of making your Contact private or public, click the Privacy toggle button to change to one or the other. If leaving the Contact as Public make note this makes the information view able to all users of ClickPoint.

Contacts - List View

  • Search by using the search bar ( 2 ); type the name or even the email of the Contact to start the automatic search. 

  • Sort by All to show all Contacts or by clicking any letter of the alphabet.

  • Delete – to delete a Contact select the trashcan icon located to the far right of the Contacts information 

  • View Contact – click on the eye icon located to the far right of the Contacts information.

Contact - Card View

Additional Information

  • Appointments – Click Add Appointment to create an Appointment, also displays Appointments created for the Contact

  • History – displays the history of the Contact

  • Notes – Click Add Note to add Notes, also displays Notes for the Contact

  • Emails – Click Send Email to send an Email, also displays Emails sent

  • Documents – Click Upload Document to add a Document to the Contact, also displays all Documents attached

  • Relationships – Click Add Relationship to link to another Contact in the

  • Contacts List Leads – Click Create Lead From Contact, this adds the lead to My Leads.

  • Click Add Lead to Contact, this adds your Contact to an existing Lead.

Add Contact to Lead

Note: Please note, if you do not see Contacts in your Menu, this has been disabled by your Administrator; you can contact your Administrator to receive Permissions for this Tool.

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