General Purpose Call Flow

This general call flow will meet most of your inside sales needs.

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The following call flow will meet most of your needs to handle both inbound calls as well as callbacks. It is important to note that call flows have many configuration options that can be used to meet your sales needs. The following may look complicated but follows three different paths that we will outline below.

Call Start

  • Every inbound call will either match an existing lead, or a new lead is created.

  • Using the Criteria node, you can configure Execution Hours which can be thought of as your hours of operation. Should a call come in after hours, the call follows the False leg of the call. From here you can use a Play/Say node to announce your team is not available and to end the call. At this point, the lead is created and using Pull Distribution, your team can follow up with the lead the next day.

Is Call Back

  • Assuming the call is coming through during normal office hours, the first node used is the Is Call Back. This node serves two purposes:

    • If an outbound call was placed to a lead, on a lead's callback, we will check for the last user who called that lead, and that call is routed to that user.

    • If there is no initial outbound call, but the lead is assigned directly to a user, the inbound call will be directed to that user (assuming they are configured to accept inbound calls).

  • Should the user not be available, the call routes to the Agent Not Available node where you can configure a Queue.

  • Should there is no initial outbound call made first (for the callback), and the lead is not assigned to any users, the call routes to Is Call Back > No leg of the call flow. In most cases, you will want a Queue configured to route the call to available users.

Additional Notes

  • You want to create a path where the lead's call could be routed to a salesperson. Even if the "assigned to" salesperson is not available, it is better to route the call to someone who can help than create a scenario where the call is abandoned.

  • Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team via chat, or via

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