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Using the Call History Panel

Quickly access your call history to view outbound calls made, inbound calls received as well as those you have missed.

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Navigating to the Call History Panel

As a user, quickly access your calls via the Call History panel located in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Opening the Call History panel displays the most recent call activity with the newest entries at the top.

Filtering your Calls

Use the filter drop-down option to view between various call types:

  • All - Displays all call activity

  • Inbound - Displays all inbound originated call activity

  • Outbound - Displays all outbound originated call activity

  • Transfer - Displays all call activity as a result of a transfer

  • Missed - Displays all missed inbound calls

Searching for a Call

Quickly search for a call by entering the lead's name within the search box. 

Calling or Opening a Lead from the Call History Panel

If you have the appropriate permission level to see and work a lead (i.e. it is assigned to you) you can call or open a lead directly from the Call History Panel.

Simply hover your mouse over the call entry. If you see an Access Denied, this means the lead is assigned to another user and you are not able to interact with it. If the lead is assigned to you, you can call or open the lead directly from the call entry.

Call Entry Types

Depending on the type of calls you make or receive, there are specific designations to help you quickly identify the type of call and what took place with it. 

Outbound Originated

  • Outbound - General outbound call made by a user.

  • Outbound - Voicemail Drop - An outbound call where a user utilized a voicemail drop.

  • Outbound Transferred - An outbound call that resulted in a transfer to another user or another call flow.

Inbound Originated

  • Inbound Accepted  - An inbound call routed to you in which you answered.

  • Inbound - Transferred - An inbound call which you transferred to another user or call flow.

  • Inbound - Missed - An inbound call routed in which you didn't answer.

  • Inbound - Declined - An inbound call routed to you which you declined.

  • Inbound Callback - Accepted - A callback is defined as a lead which the user outbound dialed the lead first, and the lead called the user back, and the user answered.

  • Inbound Callback - Transferred - A callback which you transferred to another user or call flow. 

  • Inbound Callback - Missed - A callback which you failed to answer.

  • Inbound Callback - Declined - A callback in which you declined to answer

Transfers between Users

  • Transferred to Me - Accepted - A call transferred to you from another user, which you answered.

  • Transferred to Me - Missed - A call transferred to you from another user, which you didn't answer.

  • Transferred to Me - Declined - A call transferred to you from another user which you declined. 

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