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Inbound IVR - Call Routing
Introduction to the Call Flow BuilderQuickly build call flows so that you can accurately route inbound calls to your sales teams across your organization
General Purpose Call FlowThis general call flow will meet most of your inside sales needs.
Enable Inbound Call RecordingsUse call recordings to revisit conversations you had with your leads
Call Notification OptionsEnable Browser notifications or Ring Through notifications to alert your sales teams of an incoming call.
Configuring an Inbound Call Tracking NumberPurchase a phone number and use it for inbound call tracking. Track inbound calls from online or offline marketing and route instantly
Create a User Group for Inbound Call RoutingGroups can be part of a call flow and reside within a calling queue. This allows for call routing like shotgun to specific users in a group
Inbound Call Routing - Manage Call FlowsCall flows are used to get inbound calls to the right team, ensuring each call has a great customer experience and is matched quickly
Managing Call BacksSetup a call flow to manage call backs from your outbound numbers so that a member of your sales team always answers.
Inbound Call Routing - CriteriaWith criteria like state, zip code, area code, and more you can route all of your calls to the right team, queue, or salesperson
Inbound Call Routing - Gather Caller DetailsUse gather to capture inbound caller insights that can be used to intelligently route calls to teams, queues, salespeople
Inbound Call Routing - Terminate CallsEnter a call node which allows you to logically terminate a call at a specific part of a call flow.
Inbound Call Routing - Routing using an IVR MenuUse an IVR Menu when you want to deliver a message and await for key presses for the purposes of routing a call.
Inbound Call Routing - Play a Recording to CallersPlay a message to a lead when they move through a call flow.
Inbound Call Routing - Create a QueueCreate queues which can be used to route calls to the appropriate agents.
Inbound Call Routing - Record MessageAllow a caller to record a message which is then tagged to a lead
Inbound Call Routing - Create a Lead from CallHow to initiate lead creation on inbound call using the RingResponse IVR call flow
Inbound Call Routing - Searching the Holding BinBuild and route calls which allow pull leads from the Holding Bin. Great feature to use for Direct Mail pieces.
Inbound Call Routing - Redirect a CallRedirect a call to either an external phone number or to another call flow.