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Inbound Call Routing - Gather Caller Details

Use gather to capture inbound caller insights that can be used to intelligently route calls to teams, queues, salespeople

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Gather Node

How to Use This Node

Gather Settings

Variable Settings

  • Variable Name - The name of the Variable in which key presses are collected. This variable can be used in the nodes Play/Say or Criteria. 

  • Max. Length - The maximum number of key presses that a caller can enter. 

  • Timeout - The length of time which must elapse before moving to the next event in this Call Node.

  • Confirmation Button - The key the user can press to conclude their entry.

Play/Say Settings

  • Embed a message to a user announcing what value you want them to enter. A caller can bypass listening to the entire message at any time with a keypress.

Use Cases

  • Gather a value - As an administrator, you may want to ask the caller to keypress in value which can then be used to route a call. 

Use Case

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