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Inbound Call Routing - Routing using an IVR Menu

Use an IVR Menu when you want to deliver a message and await for key presses for the purposes of routing a call.

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How to Use This Node

IVR Settings


  • Timeout: This node has a Timeout option configured in seconds. When the timeout period has elapsed, the call will route to the next configured leg of this call flow node.

  • Play/Say: Upload an audio file or use Text to Speech to announce the IVR options to the caller. The caller has the option to interrupt the message with a keypress on their phone device that will route them to the next configured portion of the call flow.

Use Cases

  • Use an IVR menu if you wish to present options for a caller in which their key presses direct the routing of a call. 

  • This is a good entry node for a Toll-Free number in which the keypresses may redirect to other call flows within your organization. For example, press 1 for sales or press 2 for customer service.

IVR Options

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