Inbound Call Routing - Redirect a Call

Redirect a call to either an external phone number or to another call flow.

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Redirect Node

How to Use This Node

Redirect Settings

Redirect Type

  • To a Call Flow - Redirect this call to another enabled Call Flow within your ClickPoint account. 

  • Pass Variables - If you have captured any variables from the Gather Node etc. they carry over to the next Call Flow. 

  • To an External Phone Number - Pass the caller to an external phone number within your organization. 

Use Case

  • The Redirect Node is perfect for redirecting a call to an external phone number that exists outside of RingResponse or to another Call Flow. 

  • Consider using this node to help keep call flows modular. Build key call flows and use the Redirect Node. This helps cut down on building the same call flows over and over again. 

Use Case

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