Configure External Numbers for Warm Transfer

Configure phone numbers within RingResponse for the purpose of warm transferring your calls

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Using RingResponse, you can warm transfer your calls to an external number outside of ClickPoint Lead Manager. This article will outline how to configure your external numbers so they can be used by your sales teams.

Configure External Numbers

Note: In order to access the External Numbers page, you must have the appropriate permission enabled within Roles and Permissions.

First, navigate to the Settings page and select External Numbers under the Capture and Route Phone Calls + Outbound Dialing.

RingResponse Warm Transfer to External Numbers

Select Add Number in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Input the phone number, the friendly description, and determine if you want call recordings to extend with the warm transfer.

Configure a number for warm transfer within RingResponse

External Number Configuration

Once you have finished configuring your numbers, they will be available for use when a user goes to Transfer a call. You will see these numbers under the External tab within the Transfer slideout pane.

RingResponse Call Transfer Pane

External Number Transfer

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