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Configure a Number for Outbound Dialing

Configure your numbers for local presence and regional dialing to increase your contact rate to win more deals.

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Any phone number (including Toll-Free) can be configured to handle Outbound calls. This article discusses how to select a number and configure it for outbound dialing.

Note: To conduct outbound dialing, it is required that one active number is configured for your account.

Configuring for Outbound Calls

  • Select Configure and navigate down to Allow Outbound. When a RingResponse user conducts an outbound call, this number is added to the phone number rotation based on the configurations below. 

Configure a Phone Number for Outbound

  • Use for the following states allows an administrator to dictate which states a particular phone number should be used for. RingResponse will attempt to use a local phone number that you purchased based on the lead's area code. If a match can't be found, it will use a designated phone number you specified for the state.

    You may decide to purchase a Toll-Free phone number and use it for a region. This is used specifically for Local Presence Calling features.

  • Use this number as a "Default" for Outbound Calls is treated as the primary number that should be used in the event an area code or state match can't be made for Local Presence dialing. 

Note: You should consider having only one number as Default. If multiple numbers are designated as default, ClickPoint will choose a default at random in the event a user decides to disable Local Presence dialing on their tool bar. 

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