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Transferring Calls

Quickly transfer calls to other users or into other call flows

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There may be instances where you receive a call in error or just need to transfer to another team for better assistance. As a user, you have the ability to transfer a call based on your business needs.  

Transfer a Call

  • While connected to a call, select the Controls button. 

RingResponse Call Control

  • Next, select Transfer within the Live Call panel.

  • The Transfer Window will display, allowing you to transfer the call.

The Transfer Window will display those RingResponse users currently available to receive a call. Next to the name, select Transfer. RingResponse will let you know if the user either accepts or rejects the call. If the user accepts the call, you will be disconnected, with the call now connect to the new user. You are now free to update the lead if needed or move to your next call.

You also have the ability to transfer a call to a call flow that you have permission to use. Just like transferring to another user, select Transfer adjacent to the desired call flow. Once the call has been connected to the desired call flow, your end of the call will end. You are now free to update the lead as needed.

Warm Transferring Calls

With your configured External Numbers, users can warm transfer a call to an external number.

Once a user is connected with a lead, select the Transfer button from the Live Call panel. A call Transfer Panel will slide out and a user is presented with the option to either transfer the call Internally to another call flow, a single user (as outlined above) or select the External panel at the bottom of the slide-out.

RingResponse Warm Transfer

External Transfer Call Panel

Select Add next to the appropriate number. Once there is a line connection, the call will show In Progress.

Live Warm Transfer Call

Additional Warm Transfer Controls

  1. Remove - This option allows you to disconnect the call from the external number you have selected while staying on the line with the lead. Use this option if there is no connection to the external number, or you hear a voicemail prompt. From here, you can select a different external number if one is configured for you.

  2. Leave Call - Once you have completed your introductions, select this option to remove yourself from the call. You are now free to update the lead and move to your next call.

RingResponse Warm Transfer Call Controls

Warm Transfer Call Controls

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