Inbound Call Routing - Manage Call Flows

Call flows are used to get inbound calls to the right team, ensuring each call has a great customer experience and is matched quickly

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Manage Call Flows

The Manage Call Flows screen allows a RingResponse administrator to easily manage their call flows. The page is broken down as follows: 

  1. Search: Search by a phone number attached to a call flow, or the call flow name. 

  2. New Call Flow: Add a new call flow.

  3. Name: Call Flow Name.

  4. Status: If the Call Flow has been published, has a draft or is unpublished. 

  5. Phone Numbers: Displays the phone numbers associated to a call flow.

  6. Last Updated: The last time either a draft was updated or a Call Flow was published. 

  7. Owner: Call Flow Owner.

  8. Edit Options: Various edit options for managing your call flows.  

    Designer: Edit how a call flow is configured.
    * Edit: Update the call flow name or the owner.
    * Duplicate: Duplicate the selected Call Flow.
    Delete: Delete the selected Call Flow.

Note: Call Flows owned by the Corporate Level are visible to everyone. Call Flows owned by a Branch Level are only visible to those users within that branch or by users who have Corporate Access Levels assigned to the User Permission. This is useful for segmenting out Call Flows by your User Hierarchy set in the Manage Users screen. 

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