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Create a User Group for Inbound Call Routing

Groups can be part of a call flow and reside within a calling queue. This allows for call routing like shotgun to specific users in a group

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A User Group (or Call Group) is a collection of RingResponse users organized into teams. These teams could be anything. They could be a collection of sales agents organized by product. They could be customer service teams or teams organized by region.

Adding a RingResponse User to a New Group

  • To create a group, select New Group, enter a name and select Save. Next, select Add User to add users which RingResponse is activated. 

Note: Even though a group can be used in many call flows, a user can only be added to a singular group.

Create Call Group

Removing a RingResponse User from a Call Group

  • To remove a user, navigate to the desired group and select Remove. This user can now be added to another group as needed. 

Removing Users from a Group

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