Introduction to the Call Flow Builder

Quickly build call flows so that you can accurately route inbound calls to your sales teams across your organization

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As an administrator, you have the power to quickly build call flows so that you can route your important calls to the appropriate agents across your company.

Call Flow Editor

  • When building your call flows, you can quickly select nodes and drop them into the editor. Get a sense for how your call flow may work. Every time you drop a new call node, the draft is saved. Select Undo Changes if you want to go back a step.

  • You also have the option to either replace a call node or even delete one. Please note, if you delete a call node, all other nodes underneath are deleted as well.ย 

Call Flow Validation

  • When you are ready to publish your Call Flow, ClickPoint will alert you if any required configuration options are missed.ย 


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