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Enable Inbound Call Recordings

Use call recordings to revisit conversations you had with your leads

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Enable Call Recording for every Inbound Number

To enable Inbound Call Recordings across all inbound enabled numbers, navigate to More > Settings > Integrations > RingResponse Inbound.

Note: Originally, Call Recording for Inbound Calls was handled within the Queue and Is Callback node within each Call Flow. The following steps will override the legacy settings and allow for all numbers.

Disable the option to Enable Legacy Call Flow Recordings.

Once disabled, activate Enable Inbound Call Recordings by selecting the toggle.

Individual Number Override

There may be instances where you need to override a subset of your inbound numbers to either turn off (if enabled globally) or turn on (if disabled globally) inbound call recordings. You can achieve this by updating the settings on each individual phone number.

Navigate to More > Settings > Phone Numbers. Isolate the inbound number you wish to make updates to and select the Gear icon on the far right-hand side of the screen to edit your phone number settings.

Under the Allow Inbound section, select the dropdown next to Call Recording and make the appropriate selection based on your business use case.

Call Recording Options:

  • Inherit: Use the Call Recording setting configured within Integrations > RingResponse Inbound. If Call Recordings are disabled globally, the selected phone number will inherit those settings.

  • Always Record: If Call Recordings are disabled globally, override the selected number to always record inbound calls.

  • Never Record: If Call Recordings are enabled globally, override the selected number to never record any inbound calls.

Access Call Recordings

Each call recording is tagged and saved to the lead and is accessible under the Call History tab within the Lead Details Screen.

Listen to Call Recording within ClickPoint Lead Manager

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