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Inbound Call Routing - Searching the Holding Bin

Build and route calls which allow pull leads from the Holding Bin. Great feature to use for Direct Mail pieces.

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Note: Be sure to test this with a small file first and practice some test calls to verify the setup meets your business needs.ย 

Holding Bin Node

How to Use This Node

The Holding Bin node will take the lead's phone number and treat it like the reference code lookup value (RefCode) based on the file you have imported into the Holding Bin. We will match the lead to the appropriate file based on the RingResponse phone number (InboundNumber) associated with your import file, and create the appropriate lead. A few things to note:

  • If you have more than one file imported into the Holding Bin with the same RefCode (lead phone number) and InboundNumber (RingResponse Inbound Phone Number), we will create a lead based on the most recently added file.

  • When creating a lead off the Holding Bin, you are still bound by your Duplicate Check rules.

    • In the instance that we can't create a lead from the Holding Bin node, because it fails the duplicate check, the call will follow along with the Lead Not Found route. In these instances, it is considered best practice to use a Lead Node to match on the existing record.

Use Case

  • This node is primarily used for those companies who want to send out direct mail. You can place the lead data and corresponding reservation number in a file and import it to the Holding Bin. When a lead calls in, we use their phone number as the reference code lookup, create the record, and then display that information to the salesperson. The advantage of this method is that it creates a more positive lead experience by not having to enter a long string of values into an IVR menu.

Use Case


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