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Troubleshooting Audio Issues

Troubleshooting Audio Issues

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Use this article to aid you in troubleshooting potential audio issues when using RingResponse.

Unable to connect to the Lead while making outbound or receiving inbound calls through the browser

  • In certain instances, when you make an outbound call or receive an inbound call, you may not appropriately connect to the lead. If you look through the Call History, you may see a history item of Call Not Answered. In these instances, simply close the WebRTC web-client window, and allow it to automatically open again on your next call.

Unable to hear the lead, and they can't hear you

Browser-Based Dialing

  • If you are handling calls through your browser, make sure that you allow your browser to use your mic for your headset.

  • When you receive the pop-up to talk to the lead through your browser, make sure you select Allow.

Allowing the browser to use your microphone

  • Next, check the headset that is plugged into your computer:

    • Make sure your volume is up, and your mic is enabled.

    • Unplug your headset and plug it back into your computer.

    • Select Manage, this will take you to your browser's headset settings. Select the headset used.

Manage Microphone Settings

Direct Line Connect

  • If you are answering phone calls through your direct line like through a softphone application, check to make sure your headset is configured appropriately. Navigate to your settings through the softphone app to verify your audio settings are configured to use your headset.

Voice Choppiness, Dropped Calls, Voice Delay, Garbled Audio

  • This typically is an issue related to an inconsistent internet connection (for example, through a WiFi access point) or low internet bandwidth. Try restarting your computer and run an internet connection speed test to verify you have sufficient speeds. If you notice that your internet connection is dropping in and out, or the speed is too low, consult with your IT department or manager.

Calls have a lot of static

  • If you are using a wired headset, try unplugging the device and plugging it back in.

  • If you are using a wireless headset, your connection strength may drop if you move too far away from the pairing device to your computer. Try moving closer and see if that resolves the issue. Make sure your wireless headset is charged sufficiently.

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