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Troubleshooting Email Issues

Troubleshooting Email Issues

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Use this article to aid you in troubleshooting potential email issues when using SalesExec.

Email Statuses

When sending emails, you will notice a tab at the bottom indicating failure or success.

In cases where there is no progress on the bar, to confirm an email has been sent, you can open the lead and go to the Email tab to verify the status of the email you sent.

A sent status indicates an email has been sent. A failed status indicates the email failed to send. If the email you sent does not appear in the Email history tab, that is also an indication that the email was not sent.

Email Sync Issues

Ensure that if you are using Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, your email is appropriately linked.

If you notice your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account is not synced, you must go to More> My Account> Setup Email Sync and click on the button “Authenticate.”

You will be prompted to log in to your account if you are not logged in. Once logged in, you will see a message on the top confirming the Synchronization was successful

SendGrid Authentication

Ensure your email has been authenticated. You can find more information on how to authenticate your email in this article.

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