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Troubleshooting SalesExec

Troubleshooting SalesExec

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If you are having trouble loading pages or getting slowness from the site, we would first need to ensure all is good on our end;

  1. Check Internet Connection: Ensure your internet connection is stable and working correctly. If you are having issues, troubleshoot your network connection first.

  2. Restart the Browser: Sometimes, just restarting the browser can fix minor glitches. Close the browser entirely and reopen it.

  3. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: Cached data and cookies can sometimes cause issues with loading pages or accessing certain features; therefore, clearing the cache and cookies can help resolve these issues. This option is usually found in the browser’s settings or history section.

  4. Try a Different Browser: If you are still experiencing these issues, you may want to try another browser to see if the problem persists. This will help us determine if the issues are more general or specific to the browser.

  5. Contact Support: If all these fail, you may want to contact our support team. You can contact them by clicking the “Talk to Support” button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

It will bring up the Support screen, where you can chat with one of our specialists.

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