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Manage Your Voicemail Drop Library

Efficiently move from lead to lead by creating or uploading recorded voicemails which can be used at the end of a call.

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Every time you get a voicemail, drop a recorded message from your Voicemail Library which will allow you to efficiently move from call to call.

Accessing Your Voicemail Drop Library

  • Navigate to More > My Account >  Voice Mail

Voice Mail via My Account

Supported Audio Formats

The Voicemail Drop Library support the following audio file formats.

  • MP3

  • WAV

Managing Your Voicemails

  • From this screen, you can either Record Audio, Upload Audio, playback already uploaded messages, download recordings or delete them. 

  • Determine which Voicemail recordings you see first by dragging and dropping to define the order. 

Manage Voice Mails

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