Using Voicemail Drops

Use your recorded voicemails at the end of a call to efficiently move between leads.

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Stop repeating yourself over and over every voicemail and use Voicemail Drops to leave a prerecorded message. This allows you to efficiently move from lead to lead quickly. 

Note: Before you can leave a Voicemail Drop, make sure you create some first in your Voicemail Library.

Using Voicemail Drops

  • When you conduct an outbound dial, and you get to a lead's voicemail message, select the Controls button. 

    • Note: To provide a better lead experience, if you plan on using Voicemail Drops consistently, navigate to the Voicemail Drop area as you are making your call.

  • Select Voicemail Drop

  • Wait until you hear the start of the lead's voicemail, then select the Send button from the slide-out.

  • You are now free to move to your next call. 

Using RingResponse Voicemail Drops

Available Voicemail Drops

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