Navigation of Manage Numbers Screen

Navigate the RingResponse numbers purchase screens including buying toll free or local numbers

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Manage Numbers Screen

  • Administrators with the appropriate permission can manage phone numbers by navigating to Settings and selecting Phone Numbers. 

Manage Phone Numbers

  • The Manage Numbers page allows the Administrator to view existing phone numbers, assign to receive calls, make outbound calls or both. Manage Numbers page is broken down into the following parts.

Manage Numbers Screen

  1. Search: Ability to search for existing phone numbers already purchased within ClickPoint. You also can search for marketing information like the Channel, Source or Campaign and their association to a phone number. 

  2. Buy Number: Purchase new Local or Toll-Free phone numbers.

  3. Number: The phone number in which you have purchased. 

  4. Area: The geographic area the phone number services.

  5. Registered: The date the phone number was registered.

  6. Inbound, Outbound, SMS: Indicators for if the phone number is used for Inbound, Outbound, or SMS Texting (or all 3). 

  7. Marketing Information: The Marketing Channel, Lead Source and Campaign configured for the phone number. 

  8. Configure: Ability to configure a phone number for Inbound, Outbound or SMS as well as specify marketing information tied to inbound calls. Note that any phone number in which is not configured for either Inbound, Outbound or SMS will have a status of Disabled. 

  9. Delete: Ability to delete any purchased number. When a number is deleted, you will not be charged for the number during the next recurring billing cycle. 

Warning: After deletion of a phone number, it won’t be possible to obtain again. Administrators must be sure the phone number is no longer required.  

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