Billing Overview

Add a credit to your account so that you can purchase numbers, complete calls and send text messages.

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To use RingResponse, you must have a credit applied to your ClickPoint account. This credit is used to purchase phone numbers, accept inbound calls, complete outbound calls as well as sending and receiving text messages.

Page Breakdown

  1. Current Balance: Displays the current credit in your account. If your credit balance reaches zero, you will no longer be able to make or receive calls, purchase new phone numbers or send and receive text messages. 

  2. RingResponse Rates: Displays the consumption rates set for your ClickPoint account.

  3. Pay Now: Allows you to set a price in Amount and add a manual credit to your account. 

  4. Recharge Amount: You have the ability to set a default recharge amount that is conducted automatically when the account credit reaches below a configured amount. The minimum amount here must be greater than $50. 

  5. Recharge When Balance is Below: The configured amount where ClickPoint will automatically charge the credit card on file when the credit amount reaches below this specified threshold. The minimum threshold is $10. 

  6. Recharge Failure Email: We will send a notification to the email address configured and alert if we couldn't conduct an automatic recharge. 

  7. Update Recharge Amounts: After you configure any changes to Auto Recharge Settings, select this button to save the changes. 

  8. Current Card Information: Ability to delete the currently registered card, or register a new one. 

  9. From/ To Date Range: Set the date/time to narrow down to specific billing debits or credits within the account. 

  10. Show: Ability to specify between seeing all activity, only debited activity or credits applied to the account. 

Billing Items

  1. Ring-Through Connection Attempt: Charge related to connection attempts as a result of the Ring Through option configured within a workflow.

  2. Phone Number Charge: A charge associated to purchasing a new phone number, or a renewal charge for an existing phone number.

  3. Phone Call Charge: A charge associated to making or receiving a phone call.

  4. Outgoing Text Message: A charge associated with sending an outbound SMS.

  5. Incoming Text Message: A charge associated with receiving an inbound SMS.

  6. Adding Funds to the Pre-Paid Balance: A credit added to your account either manually, or through an auto-renew. RingResponse usage is debited against the credit applied to your account. 

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