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Set Up RingResponse Billing
Set Up RingResponse Billing
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RingResponse billing is separate from your monthly per user billing. Even with an unlimited outbound dialing plan for your users, RingResponse requires a balance of funds to cover applicable fees and surcharges.

To begin purchasing phone numbers and get started with RingResponse, you will first need to setup RingResponse billing.

  1. Navigate to More > Settings > RingResponse Billing.

  2. You will first be prompted to read and agree to the terms of service for RingResponse.

  3. Once you have read and agreed to the terms of service you can register a credit or debit card to be used for RingResponse funds by clicking the green Register Card button and then entering your card details along with an email address for the appropriate individual who manages the registered card.

  4. With a card registered, you can now make a one-time payment to add a balance of funds. Simply enter the dollar amount of funds you wish to add and click Pay Now to process the payment with your registered card.

  5. Optionally, you can configure Auto Recharge Settings. This is recommended because it will help ensure that you do not encounter any service disruptions due to insufficient funds. Simply apply your preferences to the Auto Recharge Settings:

    1. Recharge Amount – the dollar amount of funds you wish to add when the auto-recharge occurs

    2. Recharge When Balance is Below – when your balance drops to this dollar amount, the automatic recharge will be triggered

    3. Email Notification – the email address of the individual that should be notified when the recharge occurs

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