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How to Purchase a Local or Toll Free Phone Number

Purchase phone numbers to be used for inbound call tracking, outbound dialing, local presence, and voice mail drops

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Purchasing an Individual Number

  • While on the Manage Numbers page, select Buy Numbers on the far right-hand side of the screen. The next screen allows an Administrator to purchase both Local and Toll-Free phone numbers. 

Search Phone Numbers

  • ( 1 ) Determine the type of phone number needed by either Local or Toll-Free.

  • ( 2 ) Administrator can search by Number, State Location or by Area Code.When searching for a Toll-Free phone number, the ability to search by Number, State or Area Code is disabled.

  • ( 3 ) Option for buying local numbers for multiple states.

  • ( 4 ) Shopping cart.

  • ( 5 ) Results area for searched phone numbers.

Buy Phone Numbers for Multiple States

  • This option allows for an Administrator to purchase numbers across multiple states. This feature is used for the purposes of Local Presence Outbound Dialing. ClickPoint will attempt to purchase one phone number for each area code that is not currently owned. 

Purchase Multiple Area Codes

  • If ClickPoint is unable to complete a purchase due to number availability, the Administrator will be alerted. 

Failed Purchase

Warning: ClickPoint will use the registered credit card number located in the Billing page to complete phone number purchases. 

Successful Purchase

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