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Sales Workflow - Adding Workflows and Statuses
Sales Workflow - Adding Workflows and Statuses

Your sales workflow is what drives performance of your sales lead management solution *we recommend assistance for optimal results

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A Workflow is your sales cycle. Think about what is most important to you and how your business works. Pay attention to how users will be performing in ClickPoint, how they should be managing leads and how you want to organize the information they use and need the most.

Note: It is highly advisable you draft a workflow and possible dispositions on paper first. 

Navigating to Workflows

  • Navigate to More > Settings  > Create a Sales Workflow.

  • Your Workflows are broken out by Record Type. To swap Record Types, simply navigate between the Tabs. 

  • From this screen, you can add, disable, delete, organize and delete Workflows. 

To create a new Workflow

  • Select Create Workflow button. Enter a workflow Name and if you want the workflow enabled or not. 

  • When you select Create Workflow, you are taken to the Edit Workflow page. 

Note: Consider leaving the workflow disabled to prevent users from interacting with it while you are building. Once enabled, users can navigate to it via the My Leads option in the the Tool Bar. 

Create Workflow

Adding a Status to a Workflow

Create Status

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