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Compliance - Configure a Do Not Contact Action
Compliance - Configure a Do Not Contact Action

Ensure your users are updating DNC requests, enforcing compliance by ensuring prospects are not called, emailed, or solicited.

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On occasion a Lead may ask they not be contacted again, to maintain legality, you can add a Lead to your Do Not Contact list within ClickPoint. There are two primary methods for a user. 

  1. Use an Action within a status to flag a lead 'Do Not Contact'. 

  2. Add to the list manually. 

In this article, we will discuss configuring an action for flagging a lead Do Not Contact.

Note: To be the most efficient, every workflow status a lead could be in, you should have an action specifically for 'Do Not Contact'. Consider segregating these leads to their own status within the 'Dead' part of your workflow. You can use this filter in your reporting. If you have questions about which action to select to mark a lead 'Do Not Contact', consult your ClickPoint Administrator.

Configure an Action for Do Not Contact

  • Navigate to More > Settings > Create a Sales Workflow

  • Select Edit Workflow. This will allow you to edit the Status and and create new actions within those Statuses.

Edit Workflow

  • Under a Status, select Add Action. Be sure to categorize it and give it a name that will make it easy to navigate to. 

  • After the Action is created, select the Gear to edit the Action Operations. Navigate until you find Add to Do Not Contact List and configure the appropriate options that match your business. 

Configure Do Not Contact Action

  • Once you have finished configuration, select Update Action to commit the changes.

Note: Make sure to add an action to all appropriate statuses within your workflow. To make it easier, you can copy an action to multiple statuses within the same workflow. 

Copy an Action

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