Understanding Your Workflow

An introduction to Workflow settings

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In ClickPoint, your workflow defines your sales process. There are three major components to the workflow:

  • Buckets are a broad category for your leads, typically corresponding with a major milestone in your sales process.

  • Statuses are subcategories for leads. Each bucket has at least one status, but you will typically have multiple statuses in each bucket. Statuses will help define and track exactly where a lead is within your sales workflow.

  • Actions are the available dispositions that can be used on a lead to move it through your workflow. Each status is configured with its own set of actions.

Understanding your configured workflow is imperative for ensuring that you're optimizing your sales process and can track your leads appropriately.

To review your custom Workflow settings...

  1. Navigate to More > Settings > Sales Workflow.

  2. In the Workflow Settings page you can see the various buckets that make up your complete sales workflow.

    For each workflow bucket, you can click the edit icon to see the details of the configured statuses and actions.

  3. In the Edit Workflow page, the Workflow Properties section will show the System Status each of the Statuses corresponds with. By clicking a System Status that is highlighted orange, you can quickly review all of the statuses belonging to that System Status.

    Pro Tip: System Statuses are used to categorize your statuses and can be used as criteria for lead distributions and for tracking lead progress in certain reports.

    In the Workflow Additional Options section of the page, you can see all of the configured statuses, as well as all of the available actions within each status.
    You can view the settings and operations for a specific action by clicking the gear icon for an action. You can learn more about action operations here.

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