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Sales Workflow - Copy and Replicate

Copying a sales workflow can save time and replicate a workflow that already works for you

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As an administrator, you can copy workflows, statuses and actions which helps speed up construction.

Note: When copying a Workflow, make sure you go through and update any Actions which move a lead to a new status or Workflow. This is especially true when copying to a new Record Type. 

Copy a Workflow

  • Select the Copy function on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Enter a Name and if you want to also copy the Statuses, Actions and if you want to copy to a new Record Type

Copy Workflow

Copy Status and Actions

  • To copy Actions from one Status to another, select all the appropriate actions and select Status Options > Copy Actions. A modal will display which allows you to choose which statuses within the same workflow, to copy the actions to. 

  • To copy a Status, you can also copy all of the Actions within that status. Just like copying actions, select all the appropriate actions and instead select Status Options > Copy Status. You will be able to name your new Status and all actions are then copied over. 

Note: Take into consideration any actions which move a lead from one status to another status. Make sure you double check your Change Status or Workflow operation.

Copy a Status or Action

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