Nurture Strategies

Nurture allows you to set up a Strategy to automatically send Email Templates, change leads to a new Status or even assign to another user. It can also automatically change the Strategy at a certain date and time. Nurture Strategies are separated by Record Type. 

What can Nurture do?

  1. Create automated Nurture Events – You can automate Email to be delivered when a Lead changes Status or a set time after an event or other email pieces were sent out.

  2. Instantly track delivered, opened and failed email deliveries – Find out exactly when your customer opened an Email, if they followed a link you provided, or even if the Email was marked as spam.

  3. Add Nurture to an Action by adding as an Operation to the Action, or Nurture a Lead by selecting Nurture from My Leads.

  4. Add Nurture to Automated Events so they are applied to leads automatically when created. 

Note: Email Templates should be built prior to creating a Nurture strategy.

How to Create a Nurture Strategy:

  • Select More > Settings > Create and View Nurture Program.

  • Select Create Strategy.

Create and View Nurture Program

Create New Strategy

  • Name the Strategy – an example would be Attempting Contact.

  • Select Owner, this defaults to Corporate. Should you only want a certain branch to have access, change the Owner to that Branch. This dictates who can use this Nurture strategy from the Lead Manager Screen.

  • Description – add a detailed description of the Strategy being created.

  • Enabled – this toggle/ slide button is defaulted to On, to turn Off, simply click the toggle/slide button.

  • Click Create New Strategy

View of Nurture Strategy Created

Nurture Events

Nurture Events are various options available that can be built into your strategies. 

Available Nurture Events

Wait – This is a Wait Period, use the drop-down menus to select the amount of time in days, hours, minutes, etc.

Send Template – Select a Template and choose Operations; if opened and link clicked, move to Strategy, If opened, move to Strategy and If not opened after (provide a day count by selecting a number from the drop-down) days, move to strategy.

Send Template Options

Change Strategy – Switch from one Strategy to another, provided there is more than one built/created.

Change Status – Select what Status the Lead should move to after the amount of time designed in the Wait Period.

Create Appointment – Select a forced Appointment base on what occurs during the Strategy, also give a Subject, Duration and Start Time Offset. 

  • Note - Assigned To: Automatic will keep the lead assigned to the current owner. Consider using Transfer before this option.

Create Appointment

Transfer - Transfer the lead and its appointments (if desired) to a user, branch or corporate level.

Nurture Performance

After Nurture Strategies are created and are in use, there are a few other options to be aware of.

Statistics – Click this icon and data will load showcasing Email Statistics. Date range is available to allow for a certain date search.
Edit – Click this icon to edit the Strategy.
Delete – Click this icon and delete the Strategy.

Nurture Statistics

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