Email Nurture Report

Understand the performance of your email nurture campaigns in one single report

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Email Statistics

This report provides a breakdown of statistics per email template for the specified record type, over the selected date range. 

This report provides metrics for the total number of emails sent, not delivered, bounced, delivered, opened, marked as spam, and links clicked.

Why is this important?
With the ClickPoint solution you can utilize mass email, triggered email, and nurture email.  Email is the best way to glean more from your leads that might not be interested today but are a month from now.
You can time release emails to be sent to your customers and you can ensure that throughout the sales follow-up process your potential customers are notified while going through your sales steps and at critical milestones. If you are not getting 30% or better open rates you know that you have non-responsive leads. This is a warning you may have a bad lead provider.


The calculation shows the number of emails sent to your potential customer, number of emails that bounced, were delivered, and opened as a percentage of the total sent. Keep in mind the stats below reference real-time data. If you are sending emails to old leads or contacts, expect dramatically different results.

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