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Automatically Send SMS Templates with Nurture

Increase your contact rate by automatically sending text templates to newly created leads.

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Note: Nurture allows you the ability to trigger SMS messages to leads once they enter ClickPoint. As an organization, you should carefully consider your contact strategy. Sending too many text messages too soon (just like calling too often), will actually decrease your contact rates on your leads.

Best Practice

When using this functionality, we strongly encourage that you assign newly added leads to a user first. This way, when SalesExec sends a text template automatically if the lead responds right away, it goes to the assigned user. This leads to a much better user and lead experience. Consider using Push Distribution to automatically assign leads when they are added. 

Nurture Setup

Navigate to Settings > Nurture under Nurture Your Leads. Create a new strategy, configure and be sure to provide a descriptive name. 

Nurture can be used in a number of ways. It can be applied to a lead on the Lead Manager Screen, through an Action, or Automated Event

Text SMS Templates via Nurture

Add Nurture to an Automated Event

In order to add your new Nurture Strategy to a newly created lead, you must configure an Automated Event

In this example below, we selected the Qualifier as New Lead AND Lead Source Match. This gives you the option to then select a nurture strategy only when a lead matches a certain lead source.

New Lead AND Lead Source Match Automated Event

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team to discuss your business use cases!

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