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Cheetah Digital email distribution through ClickPoint

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The CheetahMail integration allows you to trigger event-based email and list subscriptions from ClickPoint Automated Events.                            


Event-Based Email (EID): Applicable one-off email campaigns that will be associated with a specific email template hosted by Cheetah Digital. The (EID) value is configured in ClickPoint Automated Events and defined by Cheetah Digital. 

List Subscription (Subscription List ID): The Subscription List ID field is used to subscribe the recipient to a mailing list. The Subscription List ID value is configured in ClickPoint Automated Events and defined by Cheetah Digital.

Email Parameters: Defines the lead field mappings as configured for Cheetah Digital translated against the ClickPoint Record Type configuration for lead field values. For example, a lead's last name may be denoted as "Last_Name" in Cheetah Digital and "Last Name" in ClickPoint. The Email Parameter mapping tools allows for the translation to be incorporated into the ClickPoint Automated Event.

As seen below, the Cheetah Digital field name is listed as "Param Name" and is mapped to ClickPoint as part of the "Lead Field" drop-down. 

Username and Password: Cheetah Digital provided credentials for back end API integration. The provided credentials are input into the Integration Page configuration for "CheetahMail."

Step-By-Step Guide

Navigate to Settings and then Manage Integrations.

Toggle CheetahMail to Active.

From the Integrations page, input the Cheetah Digital provided Username and Password under the CheetahMail Settings.

After selecting, Save Settings, navigate back to Settings and select Automated Events.

Select Add Automated Event.

From the right hand side of the page under Action, select either Event-Based Mail or List Subscription under the Perform drop down menu. The selection will be determined by the type of email ClickPoint should initiate from Cheetah Digital (one-off or mailing list).

After select the Action type, input either the Subscription List ID or the EID as provided by Cheetah Digital under the Email Settings section.

The Email Parameters may now be set. To begin field mappings, select Add and then input the Cheetah Digital field name and match it against the ClickPoint lead field name.

Input an Event Name for the ClickPoint Automated Event. The name should correlate with the email that will be sent from Cheetah Digital.

On the left-hand side of the page, under Condition, select the type of ClickPoint Automated Event qualifier that should trigger email distribution from Cheetah Digital. More information on Automated Events can be found on this page.

Once the Qualifier has been configured, the Automated Event may now be saved by selecting Save on the top right-hand side of the page. 

The Automated Event is now configured. For email tracking statistics, please contact Cheetah Digital. For API post tracking from ClickPoint, please contact our Support team.

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