How to Configure "Push" Lead Routing

With "Push" you can route leads via round robin to users and salespeople with preset criteria

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A customizable lead distribution with set Criteria (rules) to Push leads to Users. This is a good solution if your organization doesn't have the lead volume to support a Pull Distribution Strategy.

Push Distribution Strategy

Push Distributions will optimize the volume of leads a User can contact efficiently, making it possible to add appointments, notes and disposition the lead to mark the accurate placement of the lead in the Sales Workflow. With Push Distribution, set up a traditional Round Robin lead distribution, or a weighted lead distribution, allowing for division of a certain percentage of leads to Users, thus optimizing contact on leads. 

  • Navigate to More > Settings > Setup Lead Distribution

Setup Lead Distribution

  • Choose the Record Type you’re creating the distribution for.

  • Under Push, select Add Strategy

  • Name the newly created Distribution and select Create. 

Add Strategy


  • Distributed From – Choose where to distribute leads from. This can be set to distribution from the Corporate level down to a Branch or Branches. To distribute to individual users, create a second distribution to distribute from the Branch down to a group of Users. 

  • Distribute Only to Active – Evaluates by the number of minutes that have elapsed sense a user was active within ClickPoint. Activity is determined by page navigation, action selection, field updates, etc. 

  • Distribution Method: Round Robin - Round Robin will Push leads to Users on a rotating basis, it is always evenly distributed. As an example: if there are 5 Users and User 1 receives a lead, User 2 will receive the next lead that is Pushed. Think of this as a loop that continues to distribute leads to Users on a rotational basis. 

  • Distribution Method: Weighted - Weighted will distribute a percentage of leads to Users. As an example: if there are 5 Users, you can select for all Users to receive 20% of the Leads, equaling to an even 100% of the leads being distributed. Each User receives the same volume of leads. Or the weight can be adjusted so certain Users receive a larger volume of leads. This is great for those Users who may be a high performer.

  • Distribution Reset Interval: Daily -  This resets the distribution method daily. Example: If I have three Users with a Round Robin distribution method, if distribution stops on User 2 at the end of the day, the interval will reset so that the next lead on the following day would be delivered to User 1 instead of User 3. 

  • Distribution Reset Interval: Last 7 Days - This resets the distribution method after 7 days. Example: If I have a weighted distribution for three Users where User 1 gets 60% of the leads and User 2 and Use 3 receive the remaining 40% evenly, a 7 Day interval reset means that the distribution has 7 days to try and meet that delivery ratio based on the volume of received leads. After the 7th day, the interval resets.


  • Click Add for additional Criteria

  • Criteria is used to define special circumstances on who to delivery leads to

  • Field – Static Fields (fields that cannot be changed or edited, ClickPoint fields) or Lead Fields (these are the custom lead fields particular to your lead data).

  • Operator – In or Not In / Contains / Equals, this will determine what operation you are including with the criteria you are setting.

  • Value – select the value of what your criteria is, this is dependent on what Fields and Operators you are selecting


Recipients are the Users or Branch in which leads are distributed to. You can push distribute in the following ways:

  • Corporate > Branches

  • Branches > Users

  • Corporate > Users

To configure  your recipients

  • Click Add

  • Choose the Recipient Account (recipient account is the ClickPoint username)

  • Utilize Hourly or Daily or limits to put distribution cap on the number of leads your users can receive, per distribution strategy.

Setting Distribution Limits

  • Click Save Changes once all Recipient information has been entered

Recipients with Weighted Distribution

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